10 Ways to Be Good Company this Season

A few weeks ago, I talked about preparing your home for guests. This week I am talking about the flip side of things – what to do when you are the company! We spend a lot of time preparing our homes for others, but how do we prepare ourselves to be excellent guests? How should we act? What can we do to make things easier on the host? How can we be good company?

How To Be Good Company (this holiday season) // Organize Nashville

Here are 10 ways to be good company this holiday season:

  1. Ask what you can bring (and mean it!). This can be so helpful, especially when the hostess is entertaining multiple guests or if you have a larger family.
  2. Eat what is put in front of you. Aside from true food allergies, eat the meals provided without complaint. Let your hostess know of any food issues prior to your visit.
  3. Pick up after yourself in shared living spaces. Be mindful of empty cups, plates and dishes. Ask the hostess the best place to put these items when you are done. Take your belongings back to your room when you go.
  4. Take care of their things.  Hang your used towels on provided hooks or bars to dry, and not on furniture. Use coasters. Keep your shoes off the couch.
  5. If you are staying for more than three nights, offer to cook or provide a meal.
  6. Stick to your agreed upon arrival and departure times. Forgoing bad weather and unexpected events, your hosts have planned for you to stay for a certain length of time. Be mindful and respectful of their time by not over (or under!) staying your welcome.
  7. Tell the host if you need anything (bottled water, a snack, an extension cord, extra blanket, temperature adjustment). Most people would rather know that not know, and want your stay to be as enjoyable as possible.
  8. Entertain yourself. Bring a book, a board game, or plan a day trip to a nearby town. Although the host may have planned activities throughout your stay, don’t expect to be entertained the entire visit.
  9. When you leave, gather all your things and leave the room as you found it.

BONUS TIP: Offer to take the sheets off the bed and bring them to the washroom before you depart.

10. Send a handwritten note of thanks to the hostess.

Where are y’all traveling to this holiday season? Are you going to be company or are you hosting company of your own? Did you find these tips helpful? I love hearing from you! And, if you like what you see, please share it with your friends. 

How To Be Good Company (this holiday season) // Organize Nashville

4 thoughts on “10 Ways to Be Good Company this Season

  1. I love that you gave tips for guests! One thing someone did for us (and now I do so when I can): the guests had a thank you card and small gift already with them, and left it on the bed before they departed our place. We discovered it a couple days later when we went in the guest room, and not only was it a sweet gesture, it was a nice reminder of their pleasant stay. When I have done this, it kept me from forgetting to send a thank you note later.

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