5 Simple Organizing Tips for Better Mornings

5 Simple Organizing Tips for Better Mornings // Organize Nashville // Organizing Tips


Whether back to school is in full swing at your house or you are caught in the grind of a 9 to 5 work week, mornings can be tough. These 5 organizing tips will pep up your morning routine so you can start your day out right.

1 // Lay out your clothes the night before.

Picking what you are going to wear the next day saves time & decreases stress. Instead of doing a mad dash to see if those pants or that shirt are clean in the morning or having to make a decision while you are only half awake, you will have a moment to contemplate what you are wearing and time to find all the elements of your outfit. This is also a great thing to get your kiddos in the habit of doing as part of their bedtime routine so getting dressed isn’t a battle.

2 // Pack your bags.

The same goes for your work bag & backpacks – pack them the night before too. Have your kids put all of their homework, projects, books, papers, and school gear in one spot each night. That way, when its time to leave in the morning there is no “Where is my ________!?” while you are scrambling out the door.

3 // Plan lunches for the week on Sunday night.

You may or may not currently meal plan, but even if your plan is for your kids to eat a school lunch or for you to eat out, make a mental note. If you do pack a lunch, go ahead and plan for what you will bring each day on Sunday night. It may be as simple as “lefties” from the night before, but you can help yourself and save time by already knowing whats on the menu for that day. I find that avoiding questions like “What will I eat? ” & “What will I wear?” before 7am makes my day much better from the start.

4 // Get into a Routine.

Mornings can be hectic but getting into a routine can make this time easier. Set your alarm for the same time each day. Choose a time that allows you some breathing room (you know, in case you spill coffee all over your white blouse or your dog decides that your new black pumps are in fact a chew toy). Get into the habit of doing the same things in the same order each morning: Wake up, Get Coffee, Have Quiet Time, Let Dog Out, Shower, Get Dressed, Eat Breakfast, for example. You can institute a routine for your kids too. Kids can do simple tasks like make their bed, brush their teeth, & get dressed. You can even make a sticker chart with a reward incentive like extra TV time or a sweet treat if they complete all of their chores.

5// Start your day off right.

Start your day with a quiet time like meditation, light reading, prayer, yoga or a devotional. You may have to set your alarm ten minutes earlier, you may have baby in  your arms while you read your devotional or you may be sitting in the carpool line engaged in prayer, but I promise that whatever you do to center yourself will totally be worth it. You will be amazed how the start of your day sets the tone for the rest.  <This is one of my favorite devotionals & how I start each day.>

What do you do to start the day off right? I’d love to hear from you! And if you found this post helpful, please share it with your friends!

5 Simple Organizing Tips for Better Mornings // Organize Nashville // Organizing Tips

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  1. Thanks Caroline! Love the gentle reminder to start the day off right. I, too, love Jesus Calling and also any of the She Reads Truth daily devotions!

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