5 Things Every Guest Room Needs

The holidays are right around the corner which means its time to start prepping for guests galore, cozy fires and yummy food. The holiday season doesn’t have to be hectic and your home can be a haven for both you and your guests (check out my tips for how to have a happy and healthy holiday season!). Here are 5 things your guest room needs to ensure a good time for all.

5 Things Every Guest Room Needs // Organizing Tips & Tricks // Organize Nashville

1. Comfy High-Thread Count Bedding
Invest in good bedding for your guest. They will truly appreciate sliding into high thread count sheets and a cozy down comforter.

2. Access to Extra Blankets & Pillows
Everyone has different preferences in regards to warmth and pillow fluff. Give them options if you are able.

3. Lighting
Bedside lamps provide added convenience for your guest.You may also want to provide a stack of magazines for leisure reading, a phone charger, and/or a clock.

4. Room for their things
Clear out hanging space for your guest, stock it with lots of hangers. Reserve a few drawers for your longer-staying guests so they can unpack and feel at home.

5. Peace & Quiet
Secure pets. Try to stay quiet as you go about your morning routine, and keep TV volumes low to ensure a restful nights sleep.

5 Things Every Guest Room Needs // Organizing Tips & Tricks // Organize Nashville

What do you do to prepare for your guests & make them feel at home? I love hearing from you!! And if you like what you see, please share it with your friends.

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