There is something so inviting, so restful, and so rejuvenating about a simple, beautiful home. Instantly you are in a place where you can relax, reset, and just be you. I hope this will be a place where you will find inspiration and helpful tips on how to do just that: Transform your house into a home you love through thoughtful organizing and interior styling.

Caroline Dilbeck // Organize Nashville // Organize-Nashville.com

About Caroline

I am an avid arranger of things, an expert editor of stuff and a lover of all things home. It seems like I have been organizing my whole life. I was the child who decorated and redecorated her room 900 times. I was the kid who would put the toy closet in order rather than playing with the actual toys. In high school, I once spent an entire summer arranging 10 years of family photos in chronological order (and enjoyed every minute of it!). As an adult, I do the same things but now I have a lifetime of experience and an entire house to play with!

For me, organizing is more than just decluttering a closet or styling a bookshelf (although I am pretty darn good at that!). It is about balance, time, and space to let life happen. It is room to breathe, a weight off your chest and a moment to reset. I truly desire for each of us to live life unencumbered. I believe that turning your house into a home you love through thoughtful organizing & interior styling is a small part of that, and I want to help you get there!

Whether you are looking for quick tips on how to spruce up a space, need help with your latest design project or are just stopping by to say hello, I love hearing from you! (contact me here). And if you are looking for more interior styling & organizing inspiration, join me on Instagram! You will get a behind the scenes look at  projects I am working on, even more organizing tips, and a glimpse into my day to day life.


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