Four Expensive Organizing Mistakes


via Sarah Maidment Interiors

When it comes time to organize this closet or that drawer, don’t waste your money or time by committing common organizing mistakes. Here are four of the organizing mistakes I see most, and how to avoid them:

Buying your organizing products before you cleanse

One of the most common organizing mistakes is buying products before you know what you need. It is so fun to search for baskets and cute bins for your storage needs, but unless you know what you need and buy with purpose you will just be creating more clutter and an ineffective organizing system.

Not measuring.

When it is time to purchase those cute bins and baskets, make sure you measure the size of your shelves, drawers, and cabinets first. This will save you time and money.

Falling into the trap of a storage unit. 

Don’t make the mistake of shifting your junk to another location. The monthly fees for storage units often end up costing more than the items inside. Plus if you can’t see it, you don’ t know you have it and likely won’t use it.

Buying in Bulk when you don’t have the space

There are many cost saving benefits of buying at super stores like Costco and Sam’s, but if you don’t have the space to store  all those items they can take up valuable real estate in your cabinets and closets. Top things to avoid: sunscreen, condiments, and eggs because of their shorter shelf life.

When you are ready to buy those organizing products, head on over to my shop to pick from my go to products for organizing your space. And, if you like what you see, please share it with your friends. xx Caroline

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