How To Organize Your Holiday Gift List

Just in time for all of the Black Friday sales, this method for organizing your Holiday Gift List will help you get organized, stay on track, and within your budget during the most wonderful time of the year! I use this same method every year. It is also very helpful in tracking which gift you gave to who each year so you can keep your gifts unique and personal.

How to Organize Your Holiday Gift List // Organize Nashville

For this project, all you need is your computer & Excel or Google Sheets. I have adapted the original Excel Gift Shopping List Template for your convenience.

STEP ONE: Simply follow this link to get your FREE Holiday Gift List TEMPLATE!!

How to Organize Your Holiday Gift List // Organize Nashville

STEP TWO: Fill in the left column under “names” with the names of those you wish to gift. If you have more names than rows provided, simply right click the number next to the name row to highlight any given row and select “Insert.”

BONUS TIP: I also like to include things like Christmas cards and shipping costs under the names column so that I can factor those things into our overall budget.

STEP THREE: Determine the amount you wish to spend on each individual and fill in those numbers. The spreadsheet is set up to calculate your total at the bottom so you will know if the total number is appropriate for your budget or if you need to adjust some of your numbers.

STEP FOUR: As you purchase gifts, fill in the name of the gift and the actual amount spent. This will also total in the bottom so you can compare how much you spent to your actual budget.

If you have already bought some gifts you can put the amount spent, as well as the name of the gift in the appropriate columns. 

STEP FIVE: Use the other columns to mark when gift purchases, shipping, and wrapping. This will also serve as your running to do list for the gift portion of the holiday season.

How to Organize Your Holiday Gift List // Organize Nashville

STEP SIX: Save the spreadsheet. You can use this same template each year by simply using the “save as” function and changing the year.

Other ways to use this spreadsheet:

  • If you have holiday gift ideas throughout the year, this is a great landing spot for them.
  • You can write down things you buy along the way so you don’t forget and keep track of how much you spent.
  • Print this list and use it as your shopping guide.
  • Adapt this for birthday gifts too!

How do you keep track of your holiday gift giving? I’d love to hear from you. And, if you like what you see, please share it with your friends!

How to Organize Your Holiday Gift List // Organize Nashville

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