How To: Spruce Up Your Closet for Under $10

How To Spruce Up Your Closet for Under $10 // Organize Nashville // Organizing Tips

Is your closet at absolute disaster? Do you cringe at the sight of it?  Do you dread getting dressed in the morning? Don’t worry! I am here to help. I have organized hundreds of closets and am going to show you how to freshen up yours for only $10!

To start, lets talk about one of the main issues I encounter in every closet: hangers. No-Slip Hangers, Plastic Hangers, Wooden Hangers, Pants Hangers, Hangers with Clips, Hangers without Clips, Suit Hangers, Wire Hangers (gasp!), hangers galore! Clothes hanging every which way at every different height. Not only do mismatched hangers take up unnecessary space, they cloud your view and take away from the overall order of your closet.

Now lets think about the closets you envy on Pinterest & in magazines, they don’t have 10 types of hangers. They have one. They are stylish and simple and every item hangs at the same level as the next. So for this quick closet sprucing, we are going to focus on just that!

Follow these steps for a successful closet sprucing:

Step 1 // Empty your closet of all hanging clothes (and I mean every last item!).

Step 2 // Sort. Divide your clothing into the following categories: Fancy / Dresses / Skirts / Pants /  Blouses. If you find that some of your clothes are not fitting into one of these categories, t-shirts for example, consider folding these items. Folding is a HUGE space saver. Having less items hanging will allow you to better visualize your wardrobe.

Challenge: Do a quick run through each item to look for stains, rips or tears. If it is not something you can reasonably remedy, toss it!

Step 3 // Once your clothes are sorted into the appropriate piles, determine the number of hangers you will need. I recommend these hangers by Room Essentials from Target. They cost around $3 for 18 hangers (that’s 54 hangers for under $10!!) and they come in a variety of awesome colors.

Step 4 // Now that you have purchased your hangers, it is time to exchange the old hangers for your new matching hangers! Discard your mismatched hangers and place each item of clothing on a new hanger.

Step 5 // Once the hanger exchange is complete, begin placing items back in your closet by category. From left to right, hang your clothes from Fancy to Blouses.

Challenge: For an added improvement to your space, arrange each category by color.

Step 6 // Step back and admire your beautifully arranged closet!

I’d love to hear what you have done to spruce up your closet. What has worked? What hasn’t? Leave me a comment below to share your tips, or if you have questions about this project. I love hearing from all of you! And, if you liked this post, please share it with your friends!

How To Spruce Up Your Closet (for Under $10) // Organize Nashville // Organizing Tips

5 thoughts on “How To: Spruce Up Your Closet for Under $10

  1. your closet is so lovely! I like the idea of hanging my tees to save on space and reduce visual clutter. do you recommend keeping tees (or other folded items) in the closet so everything is together, or in a chest of drawers (or does it matter)?

    1. Great question! Since I operate on a capsule wardrobe (about 30 items), it is reasonable for me to keep my tees & folded items in view and in the closet. I love being able to see everything at one time. If you have more clothing I think using your drawers to maximize space and decrease visual clutter is a great option. The biggest thing is to keep all of one item in one spot. i.e. all your tees in one drawer and not in two different places.

  2. I am so excited about your blog! So refreshing and informative. I would love for you to address a ‘capsule’ wardrobe in the future.

    1. Thanks Diane! The capsule wardrobe is such a wonderful organization tool. I have used this approach for over a year and it has really simplified and improved my wardrobe. I will definitely be talking about it more on the blog in the future. Thanks for following along! Be sure to sign up for my newsletter so you get the latest organizing tips & tricks from OrgNash!

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