My Summer Home Style (& Why It Works)

My Interior Style // Organize Nashville

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In the last year, I have been pushing myself to decorate outside of my comfort zone. In previous posts, I have called my style clean, simple and traditional. More recently, I have been injecting modern elements and bold colors to my usual neutral decor. It has been a fun challenge.

Why it works:

  • Clean lines give even the more traditional elements of the room a more modern feel so mixing in those elements is easy
  • A neutral base means any thing goes
  • Orange and Green perfectly complement the black, grey, & white accents
  • Modern pieces mix well with natural elements like a woven basket, jute rug, or wood stools

Here are some ways you can inject my modern summer style into your home too!

My Summer Home Style Takeaways // Organize Nashville


1 // Plastic Molded Eames Chairs, 2// Rustic Round Rope Mirror, 3// Palm Leaf Pillow, 4 // Poppy Orange Serving Tray, 5// Rustic Metal & Wood Kitchen Stools, 6// Gold & White Planter Stands 

What do you think of my summer home style? How have you changed up your style for summer? I love hearing from you! And, if you like what you see, please share it with your friends. 

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