Organizing 101: The Bathroom (Week 7)

Last week we tackled organizing the kitchen in week 6 of organizing your home from top to bottom. With only six weeks left, we are heading into the bathroom to tame a space that is often overlooked. An organized bathroom will save you time, decrease the stress of getting ready and just make you just plain happy every time you walk in. We are going to organize everything from your hair care products to your medicine cabinet.

Organizing 101: The BathroomTake a picture of your space before you start. Viewing the fruits of your labor is so encouraging, and will serve as a reminder in the future when it is tempting to let your space get messy again!

1.Designate an area within the bathroom or nearby bedroom to be your SORTING STATION

2. Remove everything from your cabinets and drawers and start placing into categories. You can use “post-it” notes to designate categories if you would like. Remember you are not organizing at this time, so go with your gut and keep only the things you actually use and love.

  • Hair Products
  • Make up
  • Hair Utensils (aka Hair Dryer, Curling Iron, Straightener)
  • Medicine (choose one location for all medicines)
  • Bath Products: Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash
  • Towels
  • KEEP: items that belong in other rooms of your home
  • TRASH (use a trash bag or LARGE trash can!)

**CHECK DATES on everything. If its old or expired, throw it away!**

3. CLEAN. At this time, wipe down all shelves and vacuum/mop/sweep the floors, wipe down the counter tops. Wash & Dry all dirty towels and floor mats.

4. ORGANIZE. Create a space for each item and group like items.

  • Create one spot for all of your medicines.
  • Use baskets for products under the sink. Divide by category & label.
  • Keep your daily makeup products all in one spot for easy use.
  • Go through all of your “products”- if they are empty, old or duplicate GET RID OF THOSE PRODUCTS. Keep only those you actually use and love.

5. REPEAT the above steps for each bathroom in the house.


  • Keep your countertops clear of clutter.
  • BONUS TIP: Keep a canister of cleaning wipes below the sink for easy clean up during the week.
  • If you use it, put it away.
  • Remember the limits of your space. Do not buy more products than your cabinets can reasonably handle.

With only 5 weeks left in our organizing challenge, we are heading into the Guest Room next week to create a lovely haven for your company to enjoy. What questions do you have after this week’s organizing project? I love hearing from you! And, if you like what you see, please share it with your friends.

Organizing 101: The Bathroom // Organize Nashville

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15 thoughts on “Organizing 101: The Bathroom (Week 7)

  1. I am always neglecting the bathroom in keeping it organized. Especially my hair and make-up things that are stored there. I always want to have them organized but when I think about doing it is when I am trying to get ready and out the door. These are great tip!

  2. I would say that our master bath is probably the most unorganized space in my home! Way too many things and not enough storage. Thanks for the great ideas! It’s on my to-do list!!

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