Organizing 101: The Garage (Week 12)

The biggest thing about the garage is that well, it’s big. These big, huge open spaces seem like they will be the answer to every “where should I put that” question, but somehow this huge space can be the biggest drop all, catch all, cluttered space in  your home. If you live in a smaller space, having the option to extend your home into the garage can be house changing. Whether you use your garage to park your car or as an extension of your home, we are going to organize yours from top to bottom.

Emily A. Clark
Emily A. Clark

Take a picture of your space before you start. Viewing the fruits of your labor is so encouraging, and will serve as a reminder in the future when it is tempting to let your space get messy again!

  1. Make sure you have 4 large bins or boxes (nothing fancy, anything will do! if you don’t have boxes, use post its on the wall) to designate 4 areas, one for each of the following…
  • GIVE/DONATE: items that you no longer need but are nice enough for others to use (this includes not only items for Goodwill but also items for children, relatives, etc)
  • RELOCATE: items that belong in other rooms of your home
  • KEEP: items that need to stay in the garage
  • TRASH (use a trash bag or LARGE trash can!)

2. SORT all other items. EVERYTHING should be in a pile at the end of your sorting (empty all cabinets, baskets, shelves, drawers, walls)
3. CLEAN. At this time, hose down sweep out the garage space.Organizing 101 // The Garage: Creating Zones

4. ORGANIZE. Now you can organize all by grouping like items. Fo
r the garage I highly recommend writing down all the ways you use the garage and then create zones for each of those activities

  • Create Zones for each Activity
  • Hang tools on the walls and make the most of your vertical space
  • Use shelving, bins and baskets to put like items together
  • Label shelves to make it easy to find things and put them away
  • Consider have a catch all basket for each member of the family to contain clutter


  • The garage is not a landing spot for everything that doesn’t have a place. If it doesn’t have a purpose GIVE it away or THROW it away.
  • Create a place for everything, and label it so that the rest of the family can help you stay organized too!
  • Make a large donation bin so that unused items can be quickly put in a spot that makes it easy to take to the donation center

Congratulations!!You are the proud owner of a newly organized home! Take some time to look back on our journey over the last 12 weeks. Your home is a reflection of your hard work, and your desire for a focused and simplified life. I have loved diving into this journey with you. xx Caroline


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