Organizing 101: The Guest Room (Week 8)

In the past, I have talked about how to be a good guest (in someone else’s home) and given some ways on how to get your own home ready for guests but before ANY of that can happen you’ve got to get your guest room organized. That means clearing out the clutter and dedicating space for your company so they feel welcome in your home. Here is my 1-2-3 guide on organizing your guest room from top to bottom.

Organizing 101: The Guest Room

The Guest Room & Guest Closet:

Take a picture of your space before you start. Viewing the fruits of your labor is so encouraging, and will serve as a reminder in the future when it is tempting to let your space get messy again!

1.Make sure you have 4 large bins or boxes (nothing fancy, anything will do! if you don’t have boxes, use post its on the wall) to designate 4 areas, one for each of the following…

GIVE/DONATE: items that you no longer need but are nice enough for others to use (this includes not only items for Goodwill but also items for children, relatives, etc)

KEEP: out of season clothes, guest blankets & towels, hangers for guests

RELOCATE: items that belong in other rooms of your home

TRASH (use a trash bag or LARGE trash can!)

2. Change the sheets and make the bed (if needed)! Ideally, your home would be ready to host guests at a moments notice.

3. The bed will become your SORTING STATION. Sort all items into the above categories. EVERYTHING should be in a pile at the end of your sorting (empty all cabinets, baskets, shelves, drawers, etc). Remember, you are not organizing at this time, just quickly placing every item into one of the four categories.

4. If you must store out of season clothing in the guest room, Sort through that at this time as well.

5. CLEAN. At this time, wipe down all table tops.  Vacuum/mop/sweep the floors. Fluff the pillows.

6. ORGANIZE. Make it a priority to provide a clear space for guests to hang their clothes when they come to visit. If necessary, use half of the closet for your out of season clothes. Using the techniques below will keep the space organized and pleasing to the eye.

  • Hang your out of season clothes by grouping like items – long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts, pants, dresses, jackets. Then organize those groups by color using the ROY-G-BIV as a guide (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet – followed by white, then black at the end).
  • If you have a smaller closet, invest in matching hangers and make sure there are enough available for guests. I prefer ultra-thin velvet hangers. They are space saving and look fabulous.
  • Make sure guests have an extra set of sheets if you can. Provide clean towels, extra blankets and pillows that are easily accessible (most guests won’t ask if they have to snoop!)
  • Keep tabletops clear. Adequate lighting, a clock, and a plug for electronics add a nice touch. I like to keep a small basket of bath samples under the sink so that guests have everything they need, even if they forget something.


  • The Guest Room Closet is not a storage closet, but a place for guests to put their things when they visit. Make them feel welcome by keeping the place free of clutter. Designate at least half the closet for the guest’s items.

Do you feel ready to host at a moment’s notice? I hope so!Intentionally making space for your guests that is clutter free and inviting will make your company feel so welcome. Next week (week 9!!) we head into the Laundry Room. 

I love hearing from you! Please feel free to ask questions or leave a comment below. And, if you like what you see, please share it with your friends!

Organizing 101: The Guest Room // Organize Nashville

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