Organizing 101: The Master Closet (Week 5)

I hope y’all had a great weekend! I watched the Super Bowl with friends and enjoyed seeing Bruno Mars for the second year in a row. That guy can dance, right? It’s timely that week five’s focus is The Master Closet because it is like the Super Bowl of all spaces. We spend time here every day, wondering what to wear. It is a spot that can bring great joy if you have just the right thing to wear and severe angst if you feel like you have nothing to wear. This week we are going to walk step by step through the organizing process in order to organize your closet from top to bottom. By the end of this week, the question of What do I wear?  will be so much easier to answer!

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Organizing 101: The Master Bedroom // Organize NashvilleBefore & After photos are a MUST in the Master Closet. Snap a picture before you start and when you finish. Stick them on the back of your closet door, and REMEMBER how much easier it is to start your day without digging for that shirt or those shoes.

1.DESIGNATE an area for sorting (maybe your beautifully organized Master Bedroom from Week 3!) Make space for 6 areas, one for each of the following…

  • GIVE/DONATE: items that you no longer need but are nice enough for others to use
  • KEEP: items that belong in other rooms of your home
  • TRASH (use a trash bag or LARGE trash can!)

2. SORT all items. EVERYTHING should be in a pile at the end of your sorting (empty all baskets, shelves, drawers, etc). Remember, you are not organizing at this time just quickly placing things in piles.

When going through clothing, shoes, and belts – TRY THINGS ON! and ask yourself…

Does it fit? < Not will it fit, but does it fit TODAY?>

Have I worn it in the last year?

Is it still in style?

Is it free of any rips, stains, or tears?

If you answered NO, then out it goes! Place in the DONATE or TRASH pile.

On multiple items: There are only a few things that we should have multiples of: white shirts, black shirts and jeans to name a few. (and by multiple I don’t mean 10!)

3.CLEAN. At this time, wipe down all shelves and vacuum/mop/sweep the closet.


  • Hang your clothes  by grouping like items – long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts, pants, dresses, jackets. If you are feeling really feisty, organize those groups by color using the ROY-G-BIV as a guide (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet – followed by white, brown, then black at the end).

Organizing 101: The Master Closet (Week 5) // Organize Nashville

  • If you are able, invest in matching hangers. I prefer ultra-thin velvet hangers. They are space saving and look fabulous.
  • For smaller spaces, folding is a great space saver. Fold items like tshirts, shorts, tanks, and athletic clothes.
  • Group like items such as belts, jewelry, and other accessories together. Shoes can be divided further into boots, flats, heels, sandals and tennis shoes.

Organizing 101: The Master Closet (Week 5) // Organize Nashville

  • Discard shoe boxes. If you can, invest in clear stackable bins for each pair of shoes. A “catch all” bin for more casuals shoes like sandals and tennis shoes also works well.

Organizing 101: The Master Closet (Week 5) // Organize Nashville


  • Use the get one, give one rule. If you get a new shirt, pair of jeans, or sweater, pick one to give away. Don’t let them pile up! You only need two pairs of tennis shoes – one new pair, and one old (unless a hobby designates otherwise).
  • Keep small a basket/bag for donation clothes. When it is full, take it to your local donation center and write it off as tax deduction.
  • When reorganizing your hanging clothes, a good technique is to put the hanger on the closet rod backwards. As you wear the items place the clothing back on the closet rod correctly. At the end of a season, all the backward hangers are evidence of the clothing you did not wear. DONATE these items.

I hope you are dancing like Bruno Mars at the end of this closet organization! What do you think of the end results? What questions do you have? I love hearing from you! And, if you like what you see, please share it with your friends.

Organizing 101: The Master Closet (Week 5) // Organize Nashville








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