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This is our second installment (see the first here) of Organizing: To Go! and so far, this is one of my favorite series because I get a glimpse into your homes and the opportunity to uncover common organizing problems. Thank you to all of you who submitted photos, problems and comments(!!). I can’t wait to review them in the coming weeks and come up with fun ideas for your spaces.

Kristin reached out to me to help with her playroom. She lives in a smaller ranch home and they turned one of their bedrooms into a playroom of sorts. A great small space solution! This room, once a guest room, is now referred to as the “lego room” and Kristin is anxious to take back her space and create a more functional shared space that can be both a play area for her kids, and transition to a guest room when needed.

Here is where we started…

Organizing To Go: Kristin's Playroom (Before) // Organize Nashville

Here is what I would do to organize the space:Organizing To Go: Kristin's Playroom // Organize Nashville


Lamp // Bed // Pillows // Large Baskets // Cube Baskets // Chalk Labels // Frames

  • The existing shelving unit is great! I would add matching baskets in the right and left cubes with labels to designate a place for everything and hide some of the toys.
  • I would clear the right and left tops of the shelves and put matching lamps or mirrors on either side.
  • Use center shelves for books and to display decorative objects in a way that is pleasing to the eye.
  • I would use big baskets for larger toys (like the giant lego robot in the middle of the room.) This makes for quick pick up and easy moving around if the kids do want to play in another area of the house.
  • I would hang art on the wall above the wainscoting: a set of three photos would be lovely.
  • I would put a twin bed in the left corner of the room for guests and utilize under the bed storage containers for even more lego storage.
  • I would also place a small side table and wall sconce for guests beside the bed.

What do you think of these solutions for this playroom? I love hearing from you! And if you would like to be considered for an Organizing: To Go! post please send me 1-2 photos of your space along with a short description of the problem you are trying to solve. I will reach out to you if you are selected via email.

XX, Caroline

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