Organizing To Go: Submissions Wanted!

One of my favorite parts of organizing is finding solutions to help you love the home you have. I get all sorts of questions from how would you arrange this bookshelf to how should I arrange that closet. I wanted to come up with a way to address some of these common organizing issues and share them with all of you.

Organizing To Go // Organize Nashville

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Organizing: To Go! is a series that will look at everyday organizing hiccups and provide quick & easy solutions for how to tackle them.

Here is a request from awhile back. Amy sent me a few pictures of her living room. She wanted to find additional storage for toys (out of sight), a place for family photos, and an overall more pulled together feel.

Here’s where we started…


Here’s what I would do to organize the space: Organizing To Go // Organize Nashville

Large Baskets // Cube Shelving // Cube Baskets // Frames // Labels // Seating

  • I would make the far area in the back a dedicated seating area and spruce up the walls with a set of 6 frames to display family photos
  • I would add a cube shelving unit for additional storage and decorative display to the left of the larger sofa.
  • I would place a tray on the coffee table to corral books, remotes, etc.
  • I would place additional seating and storage under the large window (not shown)
  • I would use labels on all baskets to “know where it goes” and maintain an organized room
  • I would add pillows (1,2,3,4) in a variety of patterns to add a pop of color and playfulness to the space
  • I would corral the clocks and bring them closer together and closer to the sofa
  • I would add in a heavier gourd lamp on the side table between the sofas to balance out the space and consider brightening up the room with a warm white or light grey

What do you think of my organizing solution? I would love to come up with a solution for your room, closet, pantry, garage, entryway too! To be considered for a future post, please send me 1-2 photos of your space along with a short description of the problem you are trying to solve. I will reach out to you if you are selected via email.

xx, Caroline

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