What You Should Be Asking Before Purchasing An Organizing Product

5 Questions Before Purchasing an Organizing Product // Organize Nashville // Organizing Tips

1 // Which space I am trying to organize?

Like any good counselor will tell you, “If you can name it, you can tame it.” Use this philosophy with organizing products too. Don’t buy products for an area you don’t have a plan for.

2// How will this help me organize my space?

When I go into my client’s homes, most have already invested hundreds of dollars in organizing products and they are still in a sea of clutter. The items they purchase are perfect for organizing, they just don’t have a purpose in their home. Make sure you actually need that belt rack or those cute woven bins before purchasing.

Bonus Tip: In my own home, I often use makeshift items like shoe boxes and mismatched bins before purchasing new items. This allows me to make tweaks & perfect the space before investing in pricier products.

3// Does it fit?

You will hear me say this over and over: MEASURE. MEASURE. MEASURE. (measure!). Before you buy any products for a shelf, drawer, table top, etc. make sure to assess the space and determine what size items you need. A bin hanging part way off a shelf or a drawer organizer that is two sizes too small will only further frustrate your organizing woes. Invest in a good tape measure (this one is my favorite!) & take note before you head to the stores.

4// Where am I in the organizing process?

Okay, so you can name the room you wish to organize (Q#1). That is a great start. I highly suggest making it all the way through the sorting portion of the organizing process prior to buying any products. This will allow you to see which items actually need organizing.

5// Is this the look I am trying to achieve?

When you open the doors to a closet I have organized, my hope is that you will feel at home, inspired, and at peace. These are strong motivators when it comes to staying organized. Make sure you can visualize the look you are trying to achieve and that those items you wish to purchase fall in line with that look.

I’d love to hear about your organizing product purchases.  Have you ever bought any organizing products that you later regretted? Leave me a comment or any questions you have below. I love hearing from all of you! And, if you liked this post, please share it with your friends!

5 Questions Before Purchasing an Organizing Product // Organize Nashville // Organizing Tips

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8 thoughts on “What You Should Be Asking Before Purchasing An Organizing Product

  1. So appreciate this! You can never remind too much to measure – it’s such a quick effort that goes a long way. I love my fuzzy black Container Store hangers and am a big fan of a hanging shoe holders (I fold jeans and store them in there too.)

  2. Thank you for such a helpful list! I especially like number 2: I am always tempted by “pretty baskets” but then I end up with a messy corner full of ones I couldn’t find a place for!

  3. I often find myself with underutilized bins and containers scattered about (or taking up space in the closet!). these tips will definitely be used next time I think about purchasing organizing products!

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